Elgin Military Pocket Watch WWII Era circa 1943

Manufacturer: Elgin
Manufacturer Location: Elgin, Illinois
Movement Serial Number: 41774217
Grade: 594
Model: 7
Estimated Production Year: 1943
Run Quantity: 5,000
Grade/Model Run: 5 of 10
Total Production: 78,000
Size: 16
Jewels: 9
Movement Configuration: Open Face
Movement Finish: Flat
Movement Setting: Pendant
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Barrel: Going
Train: Quick
Regulator: Plain
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No



Folks we have a wonderful offering for your consideration in this Elgin Military pocket watch circa 1943. This is a 9 jewel, grade 594 and is stem set and stem wound. This is a size 16 measuring 2 inches in diameter, the most popular size pocket watch. This Elgin WWII pocket watch appears to have very much appreciated, with wear through to the brass on the case, yet still very well preserved. This Military timepiece has the desired black dial and phosphorescent hands and numerals, thought no longer glowing. We have a wonderful configuration with the Elgin Model 7 movement, Star Case with Military inscription, Military dial and highlIghted with glow in the dark Steel hands. I so hope the video helps tell the story of this fine Elgin Military Pocket Watch.

This vintage Elgin is again faced with this desired Elgin Military dial. The  9, 12, 3 positions in phosphorescent (luminous material / zinc sulphide that glowed and it was the tiny bit of radium mixed in with it that provided the energy to make it glow brightly) Arabic numerals. Then we have the popular railroad track design around the outer circumference. A truly fine and collectable dial. The dial is made using many layers of baked silica on two metal plates and tinted black. This gives the dial depth and that rich glass appearance. This fine dial is highlighted with phosphorescent Steel hands in the spade whip configuration. This Elgin Military pocket watch is ready for daily wear or as a wonderful addition to any collection.

This Elgin Grade 594 movement is in excellent condition without reckless jewelers tool marks or corrosion. This Model 7 movement has a 9 jewel movement and is excellent condition without reckless jewelers tool marks or corrosion. This Elgin is housed in this Star Case Company case. We have the desired Military inscription engraved on the back. This case does have wear to the case and the brass is showing through the silver plate. This would be the character one might expect from a Military pocket watch that has seen service. This fine Waltham Pocket Watches shows beautifully and sure to be appreciated for years to come.

This is another excellent example of the late 19th early 20th Century ingenuity that made the American Pocket Watch a worldwide standard for beauty and accuracy in timekeeping.

This Vintage Elgin pocket watch has been cleaned, oiled and adjusted for accuracy. This entails a complete disassembly with all parts cleaned and reassembled using the finest watch oil and gear grease.

This Vintage Elgin pocket watch is warranted for one full year from the date of purchase.