•    Most Pocket Watches, Clean, Oil, and Adjust: $420 – 460.00
  •    Chronograph Pocket Watches, Clean, Oil, and Adjust: $850.00
  •    Repeater Pocket Watches: By Estimate
  •    Pocket Watch Crystals: from $45.00
  •    Replace Pocket Watch Balance Staff: $45 with a Clean, Oil and Adjust in most cases.
  •    Replace Pocket Watch Jewels: By Estimate
  •    All other Pocket Watch Repairs or Restorations: By Estimate
  •    All of our work is guaranteed for One Full Year from the date of repair.
  •    Our Guarantee does not cover any work done on any watch by anyone else.
  •    Our Guarantee does not cover Pocket Watch crystals.
  •    Pocket Watch technology pre-dates the modern “Shock-Proof” era of Watchmaking.
  •    Our Guarantee does not cover damage, such as Balance Staffs due to severe impacts.
  •    Pocket Watch technology pre-dates the “Atomic Clock” era of accurate timekeeping. Pocket Watches are not as accurate as some modern watches.

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