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The Pocket Watch Guy Blog

  • Addicted to Pocket Watch Collecting – Beware!!!

    It might seem a bit crazy but pocket watches can be addicting, yes it is true!

    The genius and craftsmanship to accurately track time on the go is nothing short of amazing; the pocket watch is truly the scientific instrument of the day. Pocket Watches were a incredible advancement from the clock tower in the town square or the clock in the watchmaker's shop. Just think during the mid 19th century coal driven steam engines drove miles of pulleys and belts delivering power to these newly invented precision machines which created the finest gears, screws and accurate precision parts never before accomplished; creating these finest of pocket watches to accurately track time anywhere.

    Teams of scientists, inventors and mathematicians developed, refined and improved the art and science of timekeeping. Each watch company worked to invent and develop the next new innovation in alloys and technology for added accuracy and life. This makes for an endless study of advancements and accomplishments by these newly formed watch companies.

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