Hamilton Pocket Watch Railroad Grade 992 Housed in Model 2 White GF Case

Founded in 1892, named after the Scottish attorney who established the firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch Company was once one of America’s best and most prolific pocket watch makers. At one point, Hamilton accounted for over half of all pocket watches used to keep American railways safe.

This Hamilton pocket watch traces its history to c.1927. Its pristine dial features bold, thick hour markers, reflecting the maker’s need to maximize legibility. The minute markers are equally prominent – easily read at a glance. Like most railroad watches, the Hamilton’s small seconds sub dial is perfectly sized to balance the overall aesthetic. Dark blue steel spade hands complete a classic of its type.

This Hamilton’s case is also original to the piece. The classic white gold fill Railroad Case is an elegant yet restrained counterpoint to the dial’s simplicity. The front face easily unscrews to actuate the lever and enable time setting (a required safety feature for railway watches designed to prevent inadvertent time changes).

This Hamilton pocket watch holsters the famous 21-jewel 992 double-roller movement, produced and perfected from 1903 to 1931. It remains as it was: a robust, reliable and accurate timekeeper, still suitable for daily wear.

This Hamilton is for collectors who want nothing but the best – a fully functional, immaculately preserved railroad watch proudly made by Americans in America.

All our treasured timepieces are completely disassembled, expertly cleaned and oiled (using the finest quality watch oil and gear grease) and adjusted for accuracy.

This Hamilton Pocket Watch is warranted for one full year from the date of purchase.



Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturer Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Movement Serial Number: 2494049
Grade: 992
Model: 2
To Finishing Dept: Nov 29, 1927
Run Quantity: 12,000
Total Production: 447,200
Size: 16s
Jewels: 21j
Jewel Material: Ruby & Sapphire
Jewel Setting: Gold Settings (Screw-Set)
Movement Configuration: Open face
Movement Finish: Nickel
Finish Pattern: 2nd Pattern (bar)
Movement Signing Style: Serif Caps
Movement Inlay Color: Gilt
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Double Roller: Yes
Barrel: Going
Center Wheel Material: Gold
Regulator: Reed
Hairspring: Breguet
Pallet Jewel Material: Sapphire
Standard Dial Type: Double-Sunk
Adjusted: Yes
Adjusted to Position: Yes
Adjusted # of Positions: 5
Adjusted to Temperature: Yes
Adjusted to Isochronism: Yes
Railroad Grade: Yes