Waltham Gentleman’s Dress Watch of the Day Housed in Solid 14K Gold Case

Have a close look at this perfectly preserved size 16 Waltham pocket watch. It’s hard to believe it’s 134 years old. True story! This stunning timekeeper left Waltham’s fabled factory in 1886, the same year Karl Benz patented the gas-powered automobile, Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola and President Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty.

The movement dates back even further; Waltham launched the design in 1872. Thanks to the temporal engine’s precision, reliability and price, Waltham became the preeminent supplier of railroad pocket watches for America’s enormous, ever-expanding railway network, not to mention railroads in some 50 other countries. 

Waltham didn’t just make millions of railroad pocket watches. The company kicked out the jams with hugely expensive, limited edition models aimed at upper class customers. 

This Model 1872 Waltham Pocket Watch is one of just 200 made the year of its birth. Even a brief glance tells you it’s special. The ornately decorated “dress” dial reeks of class. The gold numerals, with gold five-minute markers on the outer minute track, speaks of the elegance born of a different age. 

The Waltham’s solid 14k gold case – a luxury reserved for the well-heeled – is immaculate. The engine turning is nothing less than stunning in both its meticulous pattern and unblemished detail. The cartouche on the back of the case (where jewelers would engrave the owner’s initials) is unmarked, adding to the watches value and appeal. 

There are few possessions a person can own that connect you so directly, so viscerally with America’s past as an American pocket watch. To own an example as fine as this one is to have the physical embodiment of our common quest for excellence. An object worthy of proud display.  

This Waltham Grade 152 is available for your immediate consideration. Follow the link to check out this fine Waltham pocket watch: 14k Gold Waltham circa 1886

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Jeff Brook
The Pocket Watch Guy