Rare Illinois Railroad Grade 163 Housed in Stunning Two Tone Case

I’m writing to offer you the first view of a very special Illinois pocket watch I just posted for sale at www.thepocketwatchguy.com

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Don’t get me wrong: all of The Pocket Watch Guy’s pocket watches feature wonderfully preserved dials, accurate movements and robust cases. The best of the best. Serviced, oiled with synthetics and adjusted for accuracy, guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. 

Most of the Model 163 Type 1 Bunn Special Illinois railroad watches that survive to the present day are heavily worn or damaged. Many were lost in the mists of time. 

No surprise there. The Model 163 was a working man’s tool, not a museum piece. And yet here it is: a museum quality 60-hour Bunn Special that somehow made it to my bench completely unscathed, fully functional and ready for its new caretaker.

From its pristine dial with its bright red lettering, to its immaculate, highly decorated movement, to its magnificently detailed case, this Bunn Special is pure pocket watch perfection. Blessed with 23 jewels, built to run 60 hours between winds, it’s a triumph of American artistry and engineering.   

If you want an ideal example of an American railroad watch that represents the pinnacle of this country’s horological dominance, that takes you back to a time when products were built with care and precision, when they were built to last, you can do no better than purchasing this 1093 Model 163 railroad pocket watch.

Again, this Model 163 Illinois Bunn Special has just been posted for sale at www.thepocketwatchguy.com.

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