Hamilton and Waltham Display Case Railroad Pocket Watches

The ability to observe the machinery of time in motion, more than one hundred years after its manufacture, is an amazing experience. But, because dust and debris are an ever-present threat to the precision-crafted parts of a pocket watch’s movement, this type of observation isn’t always possible or practical. Fortunately, several watch manufacturers, to demonstrate the inner workings of their movements, developed what is known as a “salesman display case.” 

These cases were specially constructed with a second crystal on the case back rather than a solid back. These were demonstration models and thus were not made available to the public for purchase. Around the turn of the century, it was essential to protect the watch’s movement from dust and debris because so few roads and streets were paved at the time.

Some of these exclusive “salesman display cases” have survived to our day and provide an unforgettable and deeply satisfying visual experience. With this type of watch case, you can observe the balance wheel in motion and the pallet fork ticking away. 

Those who’ve had the pleasure of owning one of these timepieces with the “salesman display case” frequently express their awe at the experience of watching the mechanisms of a watch’s movement in action. They call it a soothing and satisfying experience and one that can be shared with their children and grandchildren. 

This week we are happy to introduce two watches with this unique type of watch case. The first is a Hamilton Grade 992 with the “salesman display case.” This watch features the legendary 992 movement, and the ability to observe an American timekeeping icon in action.

The second watch is the venerable Waltham Grade Vanguard, another exceptional railroad grade timepiece in excellent condition. Waltham’s Vanguard movement was another iconic American-made railroad grade pocket watch famous for its precision and rugged durability. And best of all, the crystal on the back of the watch case provides an exceptional view of the famous Vanguard movement as it measures time. 

Both watches are excellent for daily use, displaying in a collection, and as a conversation piece, due to the ability to observe their inner-workings without risking damage to the delicate precision parts of their movements. Now is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on a specific type of watch case traditionally off-limits to the public. Visit www.thepocketwatchguy.com today for more information. 

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