Elgin Veritas Railroad Grade 239 with 21 Jewels and Housed in the Stunning Gold Fill Case

The rich legacy of ancient Rome has remained an inspiration, generation after generation in the Western world. The Roman’s stories, language, and exploits left an indelible mark and a sense of ancient nostalgia that has survived and even flourished in an ever-changing global society. It is no surprise then that the Elgin Nation Watch Company tapped into this ancient sentimentalism when they named one of their finest designs “Veritas.” It’s Latin, the ancient language of Rome, and it means “truth.” 

And like Rome of old, the Elgin Veritas was highly successful and enjoyed widespread name recognition during the 20th century. The Veritas design was built for the greatest speed, longest runs, and the most trying tasks of burden. It featured a strengthened frame, heavier balance, increased driving power, and fittings scientifically adjusted to perfection. In short, the Veritas was a railroad-grade pocket watch of the highest caliber.

Each Veritas movement was produced with the finest grade materials available. Each gear, wheel, and plate received a fine finishing and burnishing in an amazing process of high-quality construction. The design was so successful it was later integrated across the board in Elgin’s watches, including the G.M. Wheeler and B.W. Raymond lines.Today, the Elgin Veritas’s legacy lives on, embodied in the remaining examples of that venerable pocket watch brand. One fine specimen of the Elgin Veritas is this Elgin Veritas Grade 239 Model 8.

This Elgin Veritas Grade 239 Model 8, produced in 1911, is in excellent condition. The Veritas movement is housed in a stunning gold fill case with a brilliant white double sunk dial highlighted with blued steel hands. The warm golden hue of the case coupled with the elegant engravings and bold Arabic numbers serve as a window to a simpler time in human history. It conjures up images of steam engines, train whistles, and conductors shouting, “All aboard!” 

The amount of care and attention devoted to preserving this watch over the past 110 years is nothing short of astounding. That it has survived in such a fine condition conjures up the sense of deep sentiment and nostalgia of its previous caretakers. 

It is now ready for a new generation to take over the safe-keeping of this fine timepiece as a significant piece of horologic history. This Elgin Veritas is ready for daily carry, or display on the office desk or mantlepiece as a conversation piece for the ages.

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