Waltham Pocket Watch Railroad Grade Vanguard Housed in Factory Display Case

By the turn of the last century, Waltham was world famous for its pocket watches’ beauty, accuracy, reliability and durability. This immaculate Vanguard railroad pocket watch shows us why.

This top grade Vanguard’s open-faced dial personifies timeless minimalism in precise, unmarked detail – from the jet black indices’ elegant simplicity to its spade-shaped hands’ playful utility. One can easily imagine a Waltham distributor’s pride as he presented the Vanguard to a dealer in its original see-through “salesman’s case.”

At the same time, the Vanguard’s movement stands for American innovation and mechanical expertise. One of just 500 pocket watches produced in 1901, the 23-jewel lever set marvel keeps time as well as it did more than a hundred years ago.

If you’re looking for a perfect example of an American railroad grade pocket watch for daily carry or pride of place in your collection, the Vanguard stands ready.

All our treasured timepieces are completely disassembled, expertly cleaned and oiled using the finest quality watch oil and gear grease, and adjusted for accuracy. Full one year warranty.



Manufacturer: Waltham
Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Movement SerialNumber: 10569243
Grade: Vanguard
Model: 1899
Estimated Production Year: 1901
Run Quantity: 500
Total Production: 61,109
Size: 16s
Jewels: 23j
Movement Configuration: Open face
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: 3/4Plate
Regulator: Patent
Hairspring: Breguet
Adjusted: Yes
Adjusted to Position: Yes