Waltham Dress Pocket Watch of the Day Housed in Solid 14K with Exceptional Dress Dial

A simple glance tells us that the Waltham is no bare bones minimalist railroad pocket watch. The size 18 hunting movement’s fancy dress dial – complete with gold applications and extravagant Louis XIV hands – speaks of class, elegance and, let’s face it, wealth.

As does the case. Its magnificently engine turned, fashioned from gleaming 14k gold, meticulously hand engraved around its edges. While some collectors turn-up their noses at pocket watches carrying the original owner’s initials, the shield adorning this Waltham’s case back is stunning in both its stately design and the quality of its elegant engraving.

A grade 825 Waltham movement shelters beneath the 1883’s tight, crisp dust cover. It’s a solid, reliable workhorse of an engine; the Massachusetts manufacturer sold nearly 300k 17 jewel grade 825 movements in its long, noble history.

Like all our extraordinary timepieces, this 117-year-old pocket watch shouldn’t be hidden away in a closet. Given its pedigree and perfection, it deserves to be carried or on display, whether facing both front or rear, open or closed.

All our treasured timepieces are completely disassembled, expertly cleaned and oiled using the finest quality watch oil and gear grease, and adjusted for accuracy. Full one year warranty.



Manufacturer: Waltham
Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Movement Serial Number: 12710123
Grade: No. 825
Model: 1883
Estimated Production Year: 1903
Run Quantity: 1,500
Total Production: 322,850
Size: 18s
Jewels: 17j
Movement Configuration: Hunting
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: Full Plate
Hairspring: Breguet
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No