Hamilton 992B Railway Special the Most Popular Railroad Pocket Watch 1940-1969

From the late 1800s well into the 20th century, Hamilton was synonymous with accurate timekeeping. The company’s dedication to accuracy and the safety of railroad operations made Hamilton the Rolex of its time.

Hamilton’s rich heritage as the go-to watch for unparalleled accuracy reached a new high in 1903 with their introduction of the Hamilton Grade 992. The 992 enjoyed a legendary legacy and this Hamilton Grade 992B model 5, produced in 1961 was the final iteration of the iconic Hamilton Grade 992 series. 

This Hamilton Grade 992B is in pristine condition with no issues. The case is crisp and clean with robust engravings that give the watch a soothing rhythmic presence. Its size 16 railroad grade movement features 21 jewels and is adjusted to six positions. 

The Melamine dial is enhanced with a bold boxcar style font highlighted with the Black Spade/Whip hands unique to the highly collectible 992B configuration. 

To own this watch is to own a piece of American railroad history and the legacy of the once-great American watchmaker, Hamilton. These were the watches that saved lives by keeping accurate time and preventing catastrophic collisions on America’s single-track railways. 

All our treasured timepieces are completely disassembled, expertly cleaned, and oiled using the finest quality watch oil and gear grease and adjusted for accuracy and comes with a full one-year warranty.



Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturer Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Movement Serial Number: C469591
Grade: 992B
Model: 5
Estimated Production Year: 1961
Run Quantity: 6,600
Total Production: 685,500
Size: 16s
Jewels: 21j
Movement Configuration: Open face
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Adjusted: Yes
Adjusted # of Positions: 6
Adjusted to Temperature: Yes
Railroad Grade: Yes