Custom Elgin Scissor Hand Pocket Watch Housed in Solid 18K Gold Case

Buying and selling American pocket watches is a serious business. I’m continually scouring the market for the best preserved and most interesting pocket watches I can find. Then setting to work cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the time to offer them for sale.

Don’t get me wrong: my work is also a source or joy and, on occasion, fun. Like when this 18k gold 1886 Elgin came into my possession.

On one hand, it’s a typical example of its type – one of fifty thousand dead nuts reliable Elgin pocket watches that left the Illinois watchmaker’s factory gates 135 years ago. On the other hand, it’s housed in an 18k solid gold hunter case. It’s a hand engraved masterpiece that somehow survived the Depression era pocket watch armageddon, when millions of gold pocket watches were melted down for cash and their movements discarded.

More than that, this 1886 Elgin has scissor hands! As it predates the Tim Burton movie of the same name, we can set aside one possible explanation for its provenance. Other than that, who knows? A pocket watch owned by a wealthy textile manufacturer? A barber made good?

In any case (so to speak), coming across this unique “scissor” Elgin made my day. It’s a cut above standard pieces. If you’re looking for a pocket watch that never fails to make an admirer smile, a true conversation piece, this fully functional 1886 will bring you a lifetime of surprise and delight.

All our treasured timepieces are completely disassembled, expertly cleaned and oiled (using the finest quality watch oil and gear grease) and adjusted for accuracy. Full one year warranty.



Custom Elgin Scissor Hand

Manufacturer: Elgin
Manufacturer Location: Elgin, Illinois
Movement Serial Number: 1973962
Grade: 96
Model: 4
Class: 6
Estimated Production Year: 1886
Run Quantity: 50,000
Grade/Model Run: 2 of 106
Total Production: 566,000
Size: 18s
Jewels: 7j
Movement Configuration: Hunting
Movement Finish: Gilt
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: Full Plate
Barrel: Going
Train: Quick
Regulator: Plain
Standard Dial Type: Single-Sunk
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No
U.S. Patents: 77078