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The Development of the Railroad Pocket Watch


What is Standard Time? There were many different versions of “Standard Time” in America in the 19th century, much to our surprise. Not until the disastrous train wreck in 1891 has Webb C. BALL, the founder of BALL Watch been entrusted with the mission to ensure the accuracy of railroad watches, and to save countless.

Posted by BALL Watch Company on Thursday, February 5, 2015


Folks a wonderful current video about Webb C. Ball and the history behind the Railroad Pocket Watch. Most of the major watch companies offered Railroad Pocket Watches manufactured to Ball's standards and many exceeded this standard with Up/Down Wind Indicators and 21 - 23 Jewel Movements among other advancements. I do believe the Ball Official Standard Pocket Watches to be some of the finest Railroad Pocket Watches ever produced without question. Enjoy the video! </p

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