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Made in the USA

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We are living in an interesting time in both American History and World History, one can not help but to ponder the situation.
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We are living in an interesting time in both American History and World History, one can not help but to ponder the situation.

In retrospect, as I look back to the late 1800's when America was just taking shape, the degree of ingenuity to create and invent so many items was a matter of necessity. We are talking about not only practicality, but also comforts we take for granted today.

Necessity the "Mother of Invention" is a beautiful thing. The coal fired steam engines that powered miles of belts in what were new factories were a vision for the future.  Employment was dealt with in an interesting fashion, cities would cater to these large new manufactures. Mayors and Town Council of the day were the very best of businessmen and understood what it meant to build a foundation for  towns to flourish.  So we had a wonderful combination of the most forward thinkers of their day.

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Investors and inventors  had distinct objectives. So when it comes to "Made in the USA" it means more than just made in the USA. "Made in the USA" is a symbol of our ability to stand up to test to the time. We are talking about the tools, factories, scientific instruments, modes of transportation and the list is endless. Whether it be more efficient modes of transportation (the Pony Express was only efficient for so long), thus the advent of the Mail Train for transportation of mail and currency. These trains were crude compared to our vision of what it might have been like. Please keep in mind the cameras of the day were very large and cumbersome and took pictures that did not last. So, unfortunately we do not have images of this era to etched into our mind's eye.

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A good example is Hoyt Buck who in 1902 set the standard for knife making in America. He was a Blacksmith with a vision. The Buck Family is still making the finest knifes to this day and yes "Made in the USA". Another excellent example  is Aaron Dennison, his family's  roots were in cobbling, but he was of a mechanical turn of mind. In 1835 after years of apprenticeship as a watchmaker,  he created the finest hand made Pocket Watches. This lead to  partnerships that mass produced and reinvented our ability to keep accurate time and without a sundial! It was not until the 1950's that the wrist watch became popular and not until the 1990's that wrist watches gained the same accuracy as the turn of the century Pocket Watch!

So when a product is marked "Made in the USA" it is something special, it is something to be proud of. It has allowed us the freedom of expression and the ability to excel and become the strongest country in the modern world. All this and through 'The Mother of Invention"  and the necessity and freedom to grow at an incredible pace.

I am of the opinion that we need to support and purchase products "Made in the USA" and deviate only as a absolute necessity. It is so important in so many ways. It ensures our economic stability and further technological development. What could be more important than for future generations ability to have a fertile environment and continue to grow. We will remain a world leader in all aspects we just need to nurture the next generation, and we will be fine.

It's that American ingenuity we have and we are not going to lose it!

So please, we need to remember just what "Made in the USA" means, it is of the strongest statements.

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