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Sold Elgin Pocket Watch Key Wind and Key Set Size 18 Housed in a Beautiful Coin Silver Case circa 1878

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Sold Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watch, this extra fine timepiece is Key Wind & Key Set all original and 135 years old yes circa 1878.
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Folks we have a very special offering, a six digit Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watch. This extra fine timepiece is Key Wind & Key Set all original and 135 years old yes circa 1878. This extra fine timepiece is a Grade 13 and has 11 jewels with a gold gilt finish on the movement. The entire timepiece is pristine with no reckless jewelers marks or corrosion. This size 18 is an antique full plate movement cases measures 21/4 inches in diameter. This extra fine movement is again in excellent condition and is an excellent timekeeper to this day. The pictures are a large part of the description; I just cannot say enough to describe this extra fine timepiece.

This is the original enamel single sunk dial with the Elgin Nat’l. Watch Co. logo on the dial and highlight by beautiful Roman numerals. Around the outer circumference the dial has the popular railroad track design and then this a sunken sub register for the second hand. Which is actually two pieces of metal with many layers of baked silica for that rich glass finish. The only issue I see is a minor chip under the bezel at 55 minutes that does not show and minor crazing. Hopefully the pictures help tell the story of this extra fine and collectable antique Elgin Pocket Watch, this timepiece I would consider to be a part of Horologic History, how many people even know pocket watches were once key operated only. That was the extent of what horology has accomplished in the science and art of timekeeping of the day in 1878.

The case on this Elgin is a rear find, Coin Silver is so soft most did not survive to be 135 years of age and this is in excellent condition with the three hinges and three covers operating just as they should. The Coin Silver case has only be wiped down with a polishing cloth as to not loose the original patina, this case has to much character to take a polishing wheel to it. Again all this timepiece needed was a light hand polish, service and a light cleaning of the dial.

If you are looking for a historical, classic antique pocket watch this just could be it! What an heirloom piece to be able to pass on a Key Wind/Key Set Pocket Watch again still keeping accurate time 135 years later.

This is another excellent example of the of the 19th Century ingenuity that made the American Pocket Watch a world wide standard for accuracy and beauty in time keeping.

All Antique/Vintage Pocket Watches are completely serviced which entail’s complete disassembly and inspected then cleaned, oiled and adjusted for accuracy. All pocket watches are warrantied for one full year for the date of purchase.
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