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Sold Antique Waltham Pocket Watch in Classic Hunter Case in Rose Gold - 19 Jewel Riverside Model circa 1904

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American Waltham Pocket Watch Size 16 with 17 jewels house in a classic Hunter Case
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We are offering for sale an American Waltham Pocket Watch Size 12 with 19 jewels housed in a classic Hunter Case, with a cover on the front side opens with the push of the crown. This classic pocket watch dates back to 1904, yes a 108 year old timepiece and a excellent timekeeper to this day. The Waltham Riverside Model #1894 is of the highest grade pocket watches the American Waltham Watch Co. manufactured, it was originally offered only in 14K gold, then gold filled.

This timepiece is in wonderful overall condition has just been serviced and is an excellent timekeeper. The beautiful nickel damasking movement just glistens after just being cleaned and serviced. The damasking is done in the custom checked board finish and it truly a work of art in its self. This high grade timepiece has raised solid gold jewel settings, a gold center wheel, solid gold balance wheel weights and a very high grade Waltham Star regulator.

This Waltham Pocket Watch shows beautifully in this machine turned Rose Gold Filled Hunters Case, the etching is in just excellent condition. The case functions correctly with no issues, however the case does not close completely flush in back toward the hinges, it still closes tight and working perfectly and that is guaranteed!  These gold filled cases are relatively soft and after 108 years we are lucky to get them at all, so we did not want to scrap this all original timepiece so rather we priced this piece accordingly. The timepiece measures 1 7/8th inches in diameter. The emblem on the case is clean with no personal monogram, just waiting for the right initials?

The dial on this timepiece is in excellent condition with wonderful Arabic numerals, red 5 minute markers in Arabic numerals around the dial. This dial is a beautiful Brequet style font highlighted by beautiful original Blue Spade Hands. The dial has no flaws and is in just wonderful condition and a pleasure to look at. The rich glass like enamel dial is made by baking many layers of silica giving the dial a very rich deep glass like appearance.

This watch winds by  rotating the crown and sets time by pulling up/out slightly the crown and rotating to the desired time. Pressing in the winding crown opens the front cover.

This is the finest example of ingenuity that made the American Pocket Watch a worldwide standard for beauty and accuracy and in timekeeping.

All Antique Pocket Watches are Cleaned, Oiled and Adjusted and are “Warranted for 1 Year” from the date of purchase.
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